Photo speak : Nigeria votes NO on UN resolution supporting human rights defenders.

2015-11-26 10.40.02

The United Nations recently called for a vote on the General Assembly’s resolution on human rights defenders.  This resolution seeks to protect human rights defenders who are almost always exposed to all sorts of attacks and risks.

114 countries voted in favour of the resolution while 14 voted against it ; Nigeria alongside authoritarian states like North Korea and China voted against it . The implication of this is that the state cannot guarantee the protection of persons who speak against societal injustices and advocate for the welfare of vulnerable groups.

2015-11-26 10.41.37

This begs the question; are we practising a real democracy or a nominal democracy?


  1. Democracy in Nigeria?? You’re joking right. Sadly Nigerians are that gullible and naive. I have never voted and will never vote as long as there is no genuine change in this country. We do not practice democracy in Nigeria plz. I was not not surprised at all. We are on the same list as countries like syria and Saudi Arabia…plz abeg this conversation is not even called for.


    1. As beats my imagination that we are on the same list with Syria and Co. .can you imagine?

      And now these overpaid agbayas that call themselves senators are talking of clamping down social media!


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