Dear President Buhari, Cut back on the foreign trips already!

It is high time those close to Mr. President inform him of the growing discontent with his administration especially with regards to his frequent travels and the absence of a clear economic direction. Every president anywhere faces demands both at home and at broad but the key is prioritisation and striking a balance especially as those to whom you are accountable do not reside abroad. I do not doubt that most of those meetings are very important but I highly disagree that the President needs to be present in all of them. Ministers can be delegated to represent him, which is one of the  reasons the President has the exclusive right of nominating them as they should ideally be those whom he is confident can adequately represent the country on issues pertaining to their various portfolios.

President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria. Photo source: Wikipedia.

President Buhari was elected when the country was facing dire economic and social challenges and as such with his mandate came the onus of assuring Nigerians that he is indeed capable of cleaning up the mess. But the constant absence of the President and lack of communication from his office on current affairs has not only failed to give that assurance but has left the room for various interpretations of the ability of his administration to effectively govern. What is even more upsetting is that we often get to hear of the plans his administration has when he is abroad as though Nigerians are not worthy enough to hear directly from him. There are so many domestic problems at the moment which require the physical presence of the president; from the persistent fuel scarcity, to the pro-Biafra protests to mention but a few. I am not saying that efforts are not being made to address these issues but they need to be clearly communicated to the people by those elected to serve them. The failure to communicate gives the perception that nothing is being done and in politics perception matters a lot.

Finally, the delay in forming a cabinet till about 5 months after winning elections already created an air of uncertainty as to the economic policy direction of the administration. Yet, we still remain uninformed of concrete plans being made to diversify the economy as well as what is to be done with the subsidy regime given the current oil prices. The consequence of this is the reduction of the confidence in the economy of both local and foreign investors as no rational individual/firm would want to invest in an environment  plagued with uncertainty.

The bottom-line is while we understand your need to travel abroad, there are domestic issues that equally and urgently need your attention. You still have time and some goodwill left, please do something about it.



  1. The thing tire me o! Buhari is now the travelling president (Gulliver travel things). It’s like the seat is so hot and uncomfy for him to sit down for more than a few minutes and get to work. His administration seem so disorganized and overwhelmed….like who travels to Iraq for Christ sake?! Apparently the president of Nigeria….I heard a rumour which I’m praying is so untrue but we are watching.
    And with regards to his 5months to appoint ministers; one would think he would have already had people competent enough to be appointed. The whole country is just a big SMH.


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