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January 2016

Photos: My top 10 quotes on gender parity from Davos 2016!

At the just concluded World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, there were discussions on the inequality in economic and social opportunities that still exist between men and women across the world. Worthy of note is that it will take... Continue Reading →


“After 3 decades of prevaricating about diversification, diversification has walked into the front door of the Nigerian household. we must either embrace it with a new attitude or die in agony and anguish until when hopefully the price of oil will rise again, as it will surely do’- Fashola

In this paper titled “Overcoming the challenges and managing the risks and constraints that inhibit the investment of private capital and funds in Nigeria’s infrastructure landscape in order to make a visible economic impact” delivered at the Nigerian Pension Industry... Continue Reading →

‘The state of Africa’ provides an overview of the development trajectory of modern African countries from the pre-independence period till about the early 2000s. Martin Meredith’s main argument is that the predatory leadership of many African countries over the years... Continue Reading →

Happy new year!

Hello dear readers, Happy new year! I understand this greeting is coming late, so please kindly forgive me. The current state of the Nigerian economy seems to be dampening the enthusiasm and positive outlook that usually accompanies a new year for... Continue Reading →

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