Vive la France! WEF Africa and other news

Hello blogfam, apologies for being away for so long, it sure feels like ages..let’s just say April was pretty overwhelming with lots of work and personal demands but I am back now 🙂 I feel that it has been pretty intense serious on the blog for the most part this year, So I shall try to make this post somewhat light-hearted and just share random thoughts on recent national and international developments.

Vive la France!

So 39 year old Emmanuel Macron just got elected as the President of France! Wow, that’s truly some mind-blowing stuff. Beyond the age though, what fascinates me was how he started his political party ‘En Marche’ only last April and won – displacing the established parties, this is what you call ‘political disruption’. I don’t know much about him or French politics but I am sure political leaders in Europe would be heaving a sigh of relief that at least the populist, anti-EU fervour in Europe and the western world may have been put on hold – even if temporary.


World Economic Forum Africa 2017

Last week, the annual World Economic Forum on Africa was held in Durban, South Africa.I think the theme this year was on ‘inclusive growth’ especially in light of the slowing down of growth on the continent. What was of greater interest to me however was the ‘Africa Competitiveness report’ which analyses how competitive African economies are, in comparism to themselves and the rest of the world. Let’s just saw that save for a very few countries, we have a very long way to go! A random thought, I am just curious to know if anyone has conducted a research on the actual impact of conferences such as this, including the numerous ‘Africa summits’ held in elite universities in Europe and America – I am curious to know their actual value – add? any leads?

President Buhari goes back to London

The Presidential spokesperson announced late night on Sunday that President Buhari would be returning to London indefinitely for further medical treatment. I wish the President full and speedy recovery but honestly, at this point, I think it would be in the best interest of both himself and the Nigerian people, for him to step down. My two cents.

Other stuff!

Its almost mid-year

Is it just me but is this year going bye pretty fast! Wasn’t if January like yesterday?! Anyway, I was going through my goals for the year and just realised that I am still way behind on most of them 😦 so this month of May, I am not going to play at all not that I have been playing oh  lol! But I just thought to put it out there to check how on track you have been with your goals thus far

Books I am currently reading

So I just finished reading a personal finance book, the Smart Money Woman by Arese Ugwu, it actually came out last year and was pretty hyped so I thought it was well ‘all – hype’ but it was soooooo worth it. It’s a pretty easy, pragmatic and relate-able book especially for Nigerians and Lagosians in particular. It also has chapter exercises that enable you apply the learning to your own personal finance. If you are struggling with your personal finances unlike me, you should totally read it – buy it, or like me, borrow 🙂

New writing engagement

So I recently joined the talented writers at Stears, a news network which provides authoritative insight and analysis on Nigerian business news, economic news and political news. Check out my first article for them on the role of Development Banks.

Feel free to share some news developments, books you are reading and what you have been up to 🙂

Have a fabulous week!

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