New Media conference 2018 – Lagos, Nigeria.


It was a great honor to speak at the New Media Conference on the topic “Disruptions and democracy-2019 in view”. It was a really engaging and insightful conversation and I learnt a lot. One key point I tried to make is the need for us not to over play the importance of social media in our elections. It’s all well and good to create awareness, share critical knowledge and conduct PVC drives online but remember there are only 2 million Nigerians on Twitter and 15 million on Facebook- less than 10% of our population.

nmc 2.jpg

What this tells us is that the real work of organizing is clearly offline, at the grassroots level …that’s where the real people who determine our electoral outcomes are found. So let’s not get comfortable in our “educated-elite-social-media bubble” ..indeed as they say ‘all politics is local’ and Nigeria is no exception. The effectiveness of social media to shape our democracy will remain limited if we do not make commensurate efforts offline.Big shout to the @theoctagonroom whose commitment is to raise the level of thinking in our society- we need more of such intellectual organizations. Other speakers on the panel include:

O’tega Ogra – Head Corporate Communications, BUA Group

Toyosi Akerele-Ogunsiji – Founder, RISE Networks

Dare Aliu – Operations Manager, Honeywell Power.


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