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Lessons from Nigeria’s economic boom

So I have had a lot of people ask me questions along this line 'Oh, I'm confused, I thought before oil prices fell we were growing between 5-6% per year, how come once oil prices fell, we immediately entered a... Continue Reading →

A role for the Development Bank of Nigeria

In this article for Stears, I look at the role Development Banks can play in Nigeria's industrialisation and diversification agenda, you can read it here. But below is an excerpt: "Development Banks are set up to deliver economic priorities of... Continue Reading →

Women in Nigeria make up 49 per cent of the population, but only four percent of law makers.

Hello dear readers, sorry for the temporary hiatus:) On the International Women's Day (March, 8), I wrote a blog post for the Africa at LSE blog where I analysed the challenges Nigerian women face in  the economic and political arena... Continue Reading →

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