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What’s hot?!! Vol.1 – June 12, unemployment data, debt etc.

Hello blogfam! I hope your week has started on a great note already?! If not, I wish you some more luck. Anyway, I am excited to be starting what I think (hope & pray) maybe a permanent weekly feature on... Continue Reading →


Democracy day in Nigeria: 18 Years Later, To What Extent Has it Delivered on its Promise?

  I was 6 years old when Nigeria's last 'strong man' General Sanni Abacha died, as young as I was then, I still have vivid memories of the day of his death. I was sitting with my dad when the news broke... Continue Reading →

What to expect from Ghana’s new President, Nana Akufo-Addo

On Saturday 7th January, 2016, Ghana inaugurated Nana Akufo- Addo as its new President. Our guest contributor, Roland B- Johnson, provides us with an analysis of why John Mahama (the immediate past President) lost the election. He also examines the... Continue Reading →

The DSS’s arrest of Judges, El-Rufai’s ban of the Shiite movement and why we should all be concerned about Nigeria’s Democracy.

It is no news that we have very weak institutions in Nigeria and overtime these institutions have failed to deliver any democratic dividends for Nigerians. However, it will be disingenuous and a disservice to those who fought for our democracy... Continue Reading →

Photo speak : Nigeria votes NO on UN resolution supporting human rights defenders.

The United Nations recently called for a vote on the General Assembly's resolution on human rights defenders.  This resolution seeks to protect human rights defenders who are almost always exposed to all sorts of attacks and risks. 114 countries voted... Continue Reading →

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