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Economic policy

Nigeria’s exchange rate falls below N400/$1 for the first time since August 2016, what could possibly be wrong with this?

Within┬áthe past few days, the Naira has fallen below N400/$1 for the first time since August 2016, expectedly there has been a lot of cheer and excitement and even commendations for the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the Federal... Continue Reading →


Economic diversification: Understanding it within the Nigerian context – part 1

So over the next couple of weeks, I shall be doing a series on economic diversification. I feel this is imperative as this has dominated the discourse on the Nigerian economy since it plunged into a recession. More so, with... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about the recent demolitions of some SME’s- Justified or not?

I read somewhere on Twitter that being a Nigerian citizen is akin to being in an abusive relationship- your lover treats you badly, you get mad, complain but you remain in the relationship hoping that him/her will change somebody. I... Continue Reading →

Nigeria’s new exchange rate regime- implications and lessons learnt!

Hey fam, apologies for my inconsistencies, its really a struggle holding down a 9-5 job, blogging and managing other personal projects. But hey it's really no excuse, I am working on balancing all my commitments effectively and become a more... Continue Reading →

Dear President Buhari, Cut back on the foreign trips already!

It is high time those close to Mr. President inform him of the growing discontent with his administration especially with regards to his frequent travels and the absence of a clear economic direction. Every president anywhere faces demands both at... Continue Reading →

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