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What’s hot? Vol 2. Falz vs Nigeria’s moral fibre, Buhari’s voice note and Nigeria’s oil governance.

Hi blogfam! It's the second edition of 'What's hot' (first edition), I know I had said it would be weekly but with the look of things, fortnightly seems more realistic for now. let's get cracking, shall we? Falz vs yahoo... Continue Reading →


Vive la France! WEF Africa and other news

Hello blogfam, apologies for being away for so long, it sure feels like ages..let's just say April was pretty overwhelming with lots of work and personal demands but I am back now 🙂 I feel that it has been pretty... Continue Reading →

The DSS’s arrest of Judges, El-Rufai’s ban of the Shiite movement and why we should all be concerned about Nigeria’s Democracy.

It is no news that we have very weak institutions in Nigeria and overtime these institutions have failed to deliver any democratic dividends for Nigerians. However, it will be disingenuous and a disservice to those who fought for our democracy... Continue Reading →

Buhari, Fulani herdsmen and the value of a Nigerian life.

  On Monday  April 25th 2016, Fulani herdsmen attacked a village in Enugu state killing about 50 people, it wasn’t until Wednesday that the president finally reacted to this horrible massacre. To be more accurate, he didn’t actually address Nigerians... Continue Reading →

Dear President Buhari, Cut back on the foreign trips already!

It is high time those close to Mr. President inform him of the growing discontent with his administration especially with regards to his frequent travels and the absence of a clear economic direction. Every president anywhere faces demands both at... Continue Reading →

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