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How to get an internship with the United Nations – my experience!

Last year, I had the opportunity of interning with the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), New York. It was a memorable experience and one of the opportunities I am thankful to God for and remain thrilled about. Quite a number... Continue Reading →


Once again a man is set to head the United Nations.

Antonio Guterres (yet another man) is set to become the next and 9th UN secretary General; his nomination was recently confirmed by the General Assembly. I received the news with great disappointment as all along I had hoped that one of the... Continue Reading →

UNGC Leaders Summit 2016- my experience and the things I learnt!

I had the opportunity to attend the United Nations Global Compact Leaders (UNGC) Leaders Summit 2016- an annual gathering of business leaders and the United Nations to examine the role of the private sector in advancing the agenda of the United... Continue Reading →

Photo speak : Nigeria votes NO on UN resolution supporting human rights defenders.

The United Nations recently called for a vote on the General Assembly's resolution on human rights defenders.  This resolution seeks to protect human rights defenders who are almost always exposed to all sorts of attacks and risks. 114 countries voted... Continue Reading →

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